Immersive Theatre, Reading Reviews and Dodging Chocolate Mousse - Tom Chandler


Tom Chandler is a Welsh actor from Penarth in South Wales. He currently plays Begbie in the Off-Broadway show, Trainspotting Live.

The play is an adaptation of the 1993 book by Irvine Welsh about the struggles of a group heroin addicted friends living in Edinburgh, most widely known for the 1996 film of the same name. What makes Trainspotting Live so unique is its immersive nature. With no 'fourth wall' the actors are free to interact with the audience throughout the performance.

The play initially came under mixed reviews with some lauding its ambition while others questioned its political correctness. In August, the play was extended until the end of October 2018, which is perhaps the best indication of its enduring success.

In this episode, the boys meet Tom to discuss some of the challenges around performing in an immersive theatre production, acting in New York at the age of 21, and what it’s like to read reviews about yourself in the New York Times.


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