Celebrating Welsh success stories in New York while inspiring the creation of new ones.

We believe that the best way to contribute to the creation of future Welsh success stories is to connect and share the accounts of those already making them.

We organize events ranging from one-off cultural evenings to monthly meetups, all with the goal of promoting and uniting Welsh interests in New York.

Our community consists of artists, entrepreneurs and business professionals from a wide range of backgrounds, including finance, law, media, and technology.

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Ty Francis MBE  Co-Founder

Gwilym Roberts-Harry  Co-Founder

Rhodri Morgan  Co-Founder

Sioned Wyn Morgan  Co-Founder

Marc Walby  Co-Founder

Gideon Jensen  Co-Host, Producer & Editor

Richard Swain  Co-Host & Creative Director

Carly Zavala  Photographer