My perfect day in NYC would be to walk over the Brooklyn Bridge (from Manhattan side) over to DUMBO. Tucked under the Brooklyn bridge is a little Lobster shack, called Luke’s Lobster, blink and you’ll miss it! Grab one of these amazing Lobster rolls and sit near the famous Jane’s Carousel, looking over and enjoying the skyline of Manhattan. At sundown, the area transforms into an outdoor cinema, where you can sit down and enjoy a classic film. Last year I watched ‘When Harry Met Sally’; a very surreal experience, my eyes drifting between the screen and the city in the background and thinking to myself, I’m now part of this story! ~ S

My perfect day in NYC starts with pancakes at Bubby’s in TriBeCa, it’s a classic American breakfast spot that ‘proudly steals recipes from Grandma!’ A lot of people don’t know that Manhattan has a dedicated cycle path that goes all the way around the island.  Using your own bike or renting a CitiBike is a great way to see the city and avoid the traffic as well as the subway. I would cycle over the Williamsburg Bridge and head over to the combined music shop & gig venue – Rough Trade – for some new musical recommendations. Next on the list is the Bushwick Collective graffiti mural art along and around Troutman Street. You won’t be disappointed, and what’s more it’s free! ~ G

My perfect day in NYC is getting up early and heading to Central Park for a run around the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis reservoir (not many people know about it) , there are some beautiful views of the city to be had here. After the run we would then head off for brunch at somewhere like Jacob’s Pickles in the Upper West Side.. The food is really tasty but you need to work up an appetite to eat here, since the portions are huge! It is Southern American soul food at its best. The fried chicken is some of the best I have ever tasted! ~ Rh

My perfect day in NYC begins with brunch in the East Village. Gemma with its outdoor seating or Saxon and Parole are old favourites. After a couple of mimosas (Bucks Fizz) I would head to one of the many museums on the island.  The East Village has the little known “Museum of the American Gangster” ; built on what used to be NYC’s largest speakeasy, and a favourite of Al Capone when he was in town from Chicago. If I had time to go uptown I would check out one of the Museum Highlights tours at the Met. There are multiple tours a day, for free, with local art experts who each design their own tours so no two are ever the same. In the evening I would have dinner at Gato, before rounding the evening off with a final cocktail at a popular speakeasy called Please Don’t Tell. ~ E

I pretty much stay downtown on the weekends so my perfect day in NYC is to go to a pilates or a spin class in SoHo or the West Village and then meet friends for brunch to gossip over mojitos and a bucket of mac and cheese (beware the portions are humongous here). Some of my favorite brunch spots in the area are Jack’s Wife Freda, Ruby’s and The Butcher’s Daughter. I would then go for a walk to try and work off all that pasta and cheese around Nolita. There are so many cool shops and cafes to discover that sometimes I feel if I walked around there every day for the rest of my life I still wouldn’t discover everything it has to offer! And finally in the summer I would swap my walk around the area to a cycle along the Hudson river. ~ K